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In an area of rural tourism, accommodations in a cottage that is Regional Heritage, audited annually for its  quality and a member of the Casas Açorianas association - O Moinho da Bibi.

This beautiful island of S. Miguel-Azores, with lush green of dormant volcanoes contrasts of black stones and mists, hydrangeas and scented flowers, of winds and fair weather.

Island nostalgia, (immigrants) of cults (Sr Santo Cristo dos Milagres and Divino Espírito Santo) and faith (Pilgrims).

Island bathed by waves, diving blue whales, humorous Cory's Shearwater, with trails and churches, wild ponds, springs and Spas.

With tea, pineapples, seafood, wines and spice.

With traditions, cakes and "malassadas", cheese and flavors, where cuisines are steamed in the soil.

Island of fragrances

Island of poets and culture

Island of loves

Where are we? Where are we?

In the beautiful town of Candelaria, Patron Saint, Nossa Senhora das Candeias.

Located west of the island of S. Miguel, Azores, where the sun sets in all its glamour ...

Very close to one of the elected "seven wonders of nature of Portugal", the mystique Lagoa das Sete Cidades.

From Ferraria, boasting its fumaroles, medicinal hot springs and Spa.

Beautiful trails and volcanic landscape.

Farol da Ferraria located in the westernmost tip of the island

Also close to fishing areas, beaches, natural pools, and good seafood in the town of monasteries.

17 km from the airport of Ponta Delgada, with its city of gardens, monuments and museums



O Moinho da Bibi O Moinho da Bibi O Moinho da Bibi O Moinho da Bibi O Moinho da Bibi O Moinho da Bibi


  • Morada da Sede
  • Praça Direitos da Criança, nº2
  • 9500-441 Fajã de Baixo
  • Ponta Delgada, São Miguel
  • Cellphone: (+351) 91 813 26 14 | (+351) 91 672 21 51
  • Telephone: (+351) 296 381 486
  • E-mail: o@moinhodabibi.com
  • Website http://www.moinhodabibi.com